Dog owners urged to remove toxic flowers that could kill their pets

As Brits spend more time in their gardens this summer, they’re being urged to remove ‘highly harmful’ plants that could prove fatal to their dogs.

Flower expert Nem Vorkapic has shared six common plants that can be dangerous to pets if ingested or rubbed up against – and has urged owners to avoid having them in their home.

Nem, head of floristry and design at Floward, told The Mirror: “With many of us opting to have bright blooms in our homes and gardens this summer, one consideration that can be crucial to your pet’s safety is the type of flower and plants you choose.

“There are actually several common flowers and plants that can be highly harmful to pets that aren’t commonly known.”

Begonias are a popular summer flower, particularly when it comes to adding to pots and outdoor hanging baskets.

However, they can cause kidney failure in cats in dogs, with the most toxic part of the plant being under the soil.

Therefore, if you do choose to include begonias in your flower arrangements make sure to keep them out of reach from your pets, or if planting them in your garden, make sure your pet isn’t prone to digging.

A flower that is popular in many peoples’ homes and gardens this summer is chrysanthemums.

But while these flowers may look pretty, they are also toxic to pets if ingested and some cats can develop a skin irritation if they rub up against them.

So think carefully before planting or adding to your latest table bouquet.

Perhaps more common in bouquets than the garden, gladioli is also harmful to your furry friend.

While the entire flower can be harmful to your pet it’s actually the bulb that’s the most dangerous, similar to begonias, so make sure they’re placed in an area your pet can’t reach or, if you have a dog, somewhere they won’t dig up.

Lilies and Lily of the Valley
One many of us are already aware of, lilies and lily of the valley can be extremely harmful to your pets, cats especially.

If your pets consume even a small amount of lilies, it can cause severe kidney failure and poisoning which is most likely to occur if your cat licks the lily pollen from their fur while cleaning themselves.

Nem said: “I’d recommend removing any bouquet or plant that includes lilies from the home, as well as lily of the valley, as these flowers also contain a toxin that can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, heart problems and seizures in dogs and cats.”

Delphiniums, also known as larkspur, tend to be an extremely popular choice of flower in gardens and homes, but they too can be dangerous to pets as their young plants and seeds can cause digestive problems including vomiting and diarrhoea, which can be fatal for dogs.

Even a small amount can be dangerous for humans too, so definitely a flower you’ll need to be careful around this summer.

One of the most fatal shrubs to pets I’d avoid adding anywhere in the home is oleander.

Even consuming a few leaves of this shrub can be fatal to dogs and cats so should be avoided in the garden or home at all costs.