Should workers have cigarette breaks docked from their pay?

Smoking breaks are a common gripe in the workplace – and the source of much complaining up and down the country.

A huge number of non-smokers get het-up about their smoking colleagues enjoying more breaks throughout their working day than they do.

And smokers often hit back with ‘but nobody’s stopping you popping out for five minutes and getting some fresh air’.

But is it as easy as that? Non-smokers say they often feel less comfortable taking their entitled breaks without the ‘excuse’ of smoking.

It’s a divisive issue that hinges firmly on which camp you fall into – and as such, we’d love to hear from both non-smokers and smokers in the workplace.

If you’re a non-smoker, do you think your smoking colleagues take more breaks than you?

If you’re a smoker, do you feel as though you’re just using your legally entitled breaks? And whose problem is it if non-smokers don’t feel comfortable taking a break? Should workers who take cigarette breaks have it docked from their pay?